About Us

Here at Spice Dog we are chefs first and business guys second. As chefs, we tinker with flavors until they're just right. As business guys, we provide the best sauce experience out there. We truly believe that a happy customer is a repeat customer. With this in mind, we only develop and sell products that we would buy ourselves. 

It all started with some friends trading hot sauce. Friends with 45+ combined years of professional cooking and marketing experience. Needless to say the results were pretty great. Those results, a little too much free time in 2020, and the ever-famous “We should sell this stuff!”... and Spice Dog Provisions was born.

 Spice Dog Provisions was formed in June 2020 with one goal: to develop a line of world-class, small-batch hot sauce with none of the junk. Sauces that we as chefs actually wanted to eat on a daily basis. No preservatives, no binders, nothing artificial. We didn’t set out to be the hottest sauce in the game, just the best.


Thanks and Enjoy,

The Spice Dog Team

Zac, Mitch, Walker